4745 Brooks St, Montclair, CA 91763
We are located in the back side of the property being the third building of the plaza.

Being enthusiast since 2008 it has been our mission to support other members with there automotive cars and builds. We seek for our mission to make it the easiest on your behalf when ordering parts. Our main niche is the Honda scene with some experience in the drifting scene.



We are located in the center of Southern California being an hour away from Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. We offer not only products but as well automotive service from suspension installs, headlights, exterior aero, wheels, seats, and much more. Feel free to contact us anytime to set an appointment.


Founding on 10thgen Civic being our specialty we work our way back to being in the scene since 2008. We are very familiar when it comes to ordering wheels and offset for all your Hondas from EF chassis to a new Fl5. 
Francisco Magana aka "PK" @MAGANAMFG
Starting in the scene since a teen very informed and knowledgeable with S2000s, 5th & 6th Gen Civics, 3rd Gen prelude and as many may know him with his Fk8 knowledge. With a fundamental with mechanical engineer degree is half the time figuring resolving issues for aerospace, other half the time supporting what would be the best part for you.
Louis Zuniga aka @GroupNGarage_VCD
Similary starting with KSeries cars, very well informed and educated with all Kseries engines specifically for EP3, DC5, FD2 and more now with the L15 and K20 expert as he has assembled thousands of 10thgen Civics and 11thGen Civics. Secondly big enthusiast for all you DE and HR heads as he has over a dozen 350z projects, and dozen or so Toyota/Subuar GR86/BRZ. He is your and our in house lead tech to resolve your car issues as well install all your upgraded parts.